Musketeer Edit

Wielding a powerful lever-action rifle, the Musketeer is the most powerful of all standing ranged troops without the help of any siege or horse weaponry. They are orange in colour.

Strategy Edit

Musketeer's are very strong, excelling in mowing down hordes of enemies when placed in vertical formations. They can also tank a few shots from its oppresors, meaning that it could potentially wipe out the attacker even when it comes in melee range. They are best used against strong melee armies, with weak ranged units who could possible shoot them down.

Musketeers have a slow fire rate and movement speed, therefore leaving them vulnerable to fast units such as Samurai and Light Calvary. They also have a weakness to Saggitarius, despite having a stronger attack. This is caused from the constant "stagger" effect they receive when hit, therefore unable to return fire, and are shot down by, in comparison, inferior technology.